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Written by Darren Gooding

This 2014 Christmas Special features the full team of regular performers for a traditional tinsel-bedecked adventure!

Bentley Strangetrousers is reluctantly undertaking his duties as MI6&7/8ths Special Secret Security Squad Service Santa when he has to hang up his stockings to do battle with Russian Super Villain, General Ivan Greenfinger: a rogue communist agent with a penchant for festively themed killer vegetation.   

Can Bentley survive the “The Death of a Thousand Pricks” at the merciless leaves of Greenfinger’s murderous paramour Miss Holly Unlikely? Will Sir Royce fall victim to the regiments of ambulatory Communist Christmas Trees which are scourging Merry England? And will Miss Pencilskirt finally get Bentley under the Mistletoe, (providing she can hold it still long enough)?

Find out in this Sprout-Tingling nightmare of Red and Green Horror!

Originally Recording at

Colchester Arts Centre. Saturday December 20th 2014



Written by Damien Bell

I Hear Voices Theatre Company returned to Colchester Arts Centre for another Halloween audio adventure from the catalogue of terror and light refreshment that is Tea With Lady Breakneck…

Lady Breakneck has returned home from her perilous escapades in the antipodes to find her beloved Victorian Britain in the thrall of spirit mediums and spirit levels, séances and… light opera! Will her Ladyship escape unscathed from her most terrifying escapade yet as she experiences The Fall of the Pendulum in the House of One Thousand Haunted Manor Wax Museum Corpses and the Death of an Usher at a Night at the Opera?

The podcast was recorded before the audience’s very eyes, ears, nose and throat at

Colchester Arts Centre. Tuesday October 28th 2014

A U D I O F I L E S Episode One Episode Two Complete Audio